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At Kaisens Data, we develop a comprehensive IT strategy that fuels your innovation, boosts your economic growth, and unveils your unique technological potential.

With our intelligent business solutions, ranging from churn in real time, lead generation, smart & predictive pricing, to marketplace management, and digital marketing campaigns, we create a comprehensive 360° customer vision that guarantees our clients new business opportunities and improved KPIs.

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Data Management

Data is the backbone of any contemporary business. In today’s digital world, intelligent enterprises generate large amounts of valuable data from multiple sources, with different qualities, sizes, and under many formats. The value of this data lies in organizations’ capacities to consume, process, and store it.

Kaisens Data provides comprehensive services that guide companies and institutions throughout their digital transition. We assist you with all your data management challenges, such as data quality, data architecture, data development, data security, master data / metadata / reference / document / business intelligence management, and data warehousing. Data protection is central to Kaisens Data. We comply with current EU data protection law, which includes the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation).

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Performance Management

Performance management is crucial for companies to stay on top of the market and ahead of their competitors. It embraces different measures that a company undertakes to manage employees’ progress at work. Effective performance management is a systematic and ongoing process by means of which a company involves its employees in contributing to a company’s mission and development strategy.

Kaisens Data provides you with different services aimed at improving the performance management in your company. We help you plan, monitor, and review your 360° performance management cycle. With Kaisens Data, you can easily give recognition to and of your most talented employees.

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R&D expertise

Research and Development (R&D) is the first stage of an innovative product lifecycle. During this phase, the product team first conceptualizes and assesses the viability of a new product and then decides whether it is worth being commercialized further on.

At Kaisens Data, we take R&D seriously. We put at your disposal our multi-disciplinary, highly trained team of versatile specialists who can conceive and supervise innovative projects across different industries and businesses. Our R&D experts easily adapt to your agile approach and contribute to transforming your business idea from a blueprint to a finished, marketable product.

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Big Data is the raw input that needs to be cleaned, structured and integrated before it becomes ready for use. Artificial Intelligence (AI), in turn, is the output that results from the processed data. Big data and AI complement each other. AI becomes better, the more data it is given.

At Kaisens Data, we help our clients discover the rapidly growing potential that AI and big data have to offer in multiple industries and businesses. Have you ever wondered how you could benefit from both AI and big data? Drop us a line or give us a call. Our Kaisens team will do their best to drive value from your data!

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