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Kaisens Data is the IT consultancy firm that goes beyond the traditional break-fix model and delivers tailored and sustainable consulting services. We help your organization implement innovative solution.

Kaisens Data draws on its extensive experience and expertise to:

  • Guide you at every step of your digital transformation journey.
  • Offer high level expertise on your industrialization projects.
  • Carry out customized POCs that contribute to your innovative development.

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Energy & Natural Resources

Despite the critical role that the energy and natural resources industry plays in molding the global economy, it still faces a plethora of challenges. At Kaisens Data, we bring together the needed ingredients—a strategic vision and dual expertise in artificial intelligence and big data—to bring about radical transformations to your business and redesign your future.

Kaisens solutions for the energy and natural resources industry are comprehensive, cost-effective and customized. They vary from intelligent mining operations, predictive maintenance, long-term performance prediction, AI-powered manufacturing solutions, pipeline integrity management, and many more.

At Kaisens Data, we reach out, globally and locally, to energy and natural resources companies of different sizes and growth potentials, ranging from oil & gas, power & utilities, chemicals, mining, etc. In an increasingly digital world, we help trigger unprecedented, speedy growth and innovation in the energy sector.

Our Featured Clients in Energy And Natural Resources:


Under the influence of various digitalization processes, the manufacturing industry currently witnesses breakthrough changes. Manufacturers have to deal with new competitors, ever-evolving technologies, and high customer expectations.

At Kaisens Data, we leverage our expertise in helping our clients in manufacturing expand their business activities, overcome their business challenges, and meet their business needs. We provide manufacturers of different sizes, sectors, and regions with an inclusive, tailor-made and indispensable suite of digital solutions, ranging from managing a value chain and boosting manufacturing efficiency, to guaranteeing industrial network cybersecurity, integrating data, and predicting maintenance or risks.

In the contemporary manufacturing market fueled by competition and globalization, we put at your disposal unbeatable, comprehensive, and comprehensive solutions, which aim to renovate, empower, and distinguish your manufacturing industry. Wherever you are, and whenever you need it, Kaisens Data can help you achieve your business goals.

Our Featured Clients in Manufacturing:


Kaisens Data helps bring the retail industry to a completely new technological level. We offer smart insights and design tailored solutions that provide retailers with the best digital transformation opportunities and help them face their challenges, meet their needs, conquer their competitors, and thrive in tomorrow’s world.

At Kaisens Data, we equip the world’s leading retailers with the best cost-effective digital solutions in the market, including brand management, customer experience, road mapping, and many more. Our forward-looking experts assist retailers with anticipating key market trends and market shifts, discerning market challenges and opportunities.

Our Featured Clients in Retail:


In the world of rapid evolution, digitization continues to alter every industry, leaving the financial services industry caught in the middle of an incredible number of growth opportunities and an onslaught of risks and challenges. Kaisens Data uses its double expertise in big data and artificial intelligence to help the banking sector better meet the rising growth expectations, drive deep-rooted change, and build for the future.

Kaisens Data helps companies from the financial services sector successfully overcome their challenges and seize every growth opportunity. We offer them a suite of innovative approaches—cyber risk management, cost reduction, customer loyalty improvement, money laundering/terrorism financing detection, driving value from data, etc.—designed exclusively to help them achieve unmatched digital transformations.

Our Featured Clients in Banking:


In the technology-imbued world, digitization and artificial intelligence have become an asset to organizational success in all industries, and insurance is no exception. Clients expect insurance companies to be nimble, provide them with the best cost-effective offers, and be able to respond in real-time.

At Kaisens Data, we help insurers embrace technology to drive profitability from their services and keep up with regulatory changes. By helping insurers fill their digital deficiency gap, we assist insurance companies in their quest to spark, promote and maintain creativity, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and progress, and fend off their competitors.

Our Featured Clients in Insurance:


In this digital economy era, seismic changes in communication, paired with technological advances and the rapidly changing consumer behavior, have revolutionized the international business environment, thus engendering massive and unprecedented opportunities in the telecommunications industry.

At Kaisens Data, we draw on our expertise to help our clients from the telecommunications industry unleash their business potential, seize opportunities, and develop new business projects. We supply telecom providers with in-hand strategic perspectives, offer them the best human and technical capacities in the market, and present them with cost-effective services, all of which serve to fend off competitors and expand globally.

Our Featured Clients in Telecom:

Media & Entertainment

Kaisens double expertise in big data and artificial intelligence helps the media and entertainment industry understand better current and upcoming business trends, unleash never-ending opportunities, and thrive in the global market. We assist our clients with building smart marketing and sales strategies.

At Kaisens Data, we provide the media and entertainment industry with a robust and integrated set of solutions that span across tracking customer habits, targeted advertising, predicting audience interest, implementing anti-churn systems, building personalized recommender systems, and many more. With Kaisens Data, our clients achieve sustainable success and claim their throne of excellence in their respective industries.

Our Featured Clients in Media And Entertainment:

Transportation & Logistics

In today’s uncertain global environment, transportation companies are concerned with finding new paths to economic growth and business development. Shifting travel regulations, changing customer expectations and disruptive technologies rewrite the rules of the industry, thus contributing to the creation of new opportunities and new challenges at every turn.

At Kaisens Data, we assist various transportation companies, mass transit systems, logistics providers, rail- and airways, port operators, parcel and post companies all over the globe in solving complex problems and seizing leadership positions. Our solid expertise across digitally enabled mobility, transportation and logistics enables your company to work faster and smarter than ever.

Our Featured Clients in Transportation And Logistics:


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